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The intention of this page is to share information about the assets included with this venture. In order to receive the Podcast Venture zip file containing the assets you need to launch, please check your email for instructions on making your payment. If you have not received the email with instructions on how to make your payment, please be sure you completed the Verify steps in the form displayed after you click “Acquire Venture”.

  • Readme: For more in-depth descriptions of each asset, please visit the Readme.
  • Walkthroughs: For videos that walkthrough each element of this venture, please visit the Walkthroughs.
  • Support: For additional questions, please ask.

How it works

  1. Setup Venture
  2. Connect Spotify
  3. Personalize

The folder I emailed you (if you didn’t receive the email, please ask for support) contains four files:

  • PodcastVenture.fig

1. Setup Venture

  1. Login to a fresh installation of WordPress that is currently hosted on your own server.
  2. Upload and activate the zip files I included in your package labelled ‘’ and ‘’.
  3. View the left vertical menu, and click the newly added menu item ‘WP File Manager’.
  4. Open the folder wp-content > uploads > ‘Snapshots’.
  5. View the folder I sent you to find the file labelled ‘’ and upload it as it is to the ‘Snapshots’ folder.
  6. View the left vertical menu, hover the menu item ‘Snapshots’, and click ‘Import’.
  7. Scroll to the bottom of the Import page and click the button labelled ‘Import’.
  8. View the left vertical menu under Snapshots and click ‘Snapshots’.
  9. You will see the snapshot you uploaded in step 3 – click the three dots on the right of the file name ‘’, and click ‘Restore’.
  10. Once the restoration process is complete, the venture should be setup.

2. Connect Spotify

After the venture is setup and you can see the microsite is live on the front-end, visit “Add Podcast” page to create your show and publish the first episode. To be clear, you are publishing the content to your microsite. The microsite signals to Spotify that your microsite has new episodes to display on Spotify.

  1. Activate the plugin ‘Simple Podcasting’
  2. Create your show by bringing yourself through the setup Wizard and inputting your content.
  3. Once the setup flow is complete, view the left vertical menu for a newly added menu item ‘Podcast’.
  4. Hover the ‘Podcast’ menu item, click ‘Add Episode’, and follow the prompts on the page.
  5. Under the same ‘Podcast’ menu, click ‘Settings’ to grab your podcast RSS feed to paste into the form field Spotify gives you during the Spotify Podcasters setup flow.
  6. Submit your information through Spotify and wait for them to process your show. All done.

3. Personalize

After you get the venture setup on your server, import the PodcastVenture.fig file to your Figma account for access to all the design templates that are ready to be personalized:

  • Welcome & Thank You
  • Pitchdeck
  • Podcast Show Artwork
  • Social Media Profile, Banner, Story

When you’re ready, share your podcast with us so we can follow along!

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