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Podcast Venture 1.0

You have a voice. Use it.

The intention of this Readme page is to give you a place to start. It contains an index of the assets included in your venture, the strategy in how and why to use each asset, and the behavioral patterns that represent the sequence of actions you’ll take to bring your venture to life.


The Podcast Venture comes with the assets and strategy to bring a Podcast Venture to life in a day. It also comes with the capability to publish on iTunes and 20+ other podcast platforms. These instructions include the specific walkthrough for publishing to Spotify.

Table of Contents

About the Venture

— Problem
— Opportunity
— Customer
— Solution
— Product
— Exchange

Ingredients (assets)

— Technology
— New Media
— Patterns

Recipe (intellectual property)

— Getting started
— Prerequisites
— Installation
— Usage

About the Venture

This Podcast Venture is the result of a solution I built for myself. I didn’t have the financial resources to hire someone to figure out podcasting for me. I had a message to share. I had the motivation to find a way and do whatever it takes to get my message out there. I already have an understanding of how to setup, manage, and modify WordPress. I built this for people like me.


Starting a podcast is challenging, costly, you don’t own your data, and you need to “rent” various softwares every month.


During the research process of learning how to get a podcast on Spotify, I came across various platform and options that seemed to take control away from me and away from the message I wanted to share with my community. I thought to myself, “There must be a way for me to use my voice without needing to rent four or five different softwares or pay someone for help.”


I figured out a way to bring together a stack of existing technology for a fraction of the price with sovereignty and ownership over the entire process and product. I went to the Brooklyn Public Library, reserved the recording studio for a day, recorded my first episode, published it to Spotify, and shared the link with my friends and family. I did all of this in one day, and now you can too.


A single zip file that contains a customized WordPress installation with a Spotify integration along with a collection of digital assets I created for you with the process, strategy, and behavioral patterns as a roadmap to walk you through bringing your Podcast Venture to life.


Acquire the Podcast Venture for $149.00 USD by December 31st, 2021 and receive a lifetime license which includes 24/7 support in managing the venture, upgrading the technology, and requesting additional features.



The intention of this documentation is to serve as one of the due diligence mechanisms that outline the main ingredients, or, assets, of the Podcast Venture. Assets are divided into two sections:

— Support (the place where we communicate about the venture)
— Technology (the things used to make the venture)
— Design (the value created to sell the venture)
— Metrics (the way to learn how to make improvements)


The intention of online support is to provide your community with a channel to communicate with you and your teams regarding any issues, questions, and requests for new features. This is known as a “feedback loop”, and is a critical element of launching your venture. Until now, I managed this process manually and did my best to make myself available to everyone I worked with through phone calls and in-person meetings. I am learning that I can provide better support through online spaces such as this one.


The intention of this section is to illustrate the technology stack which the Podcast Venture runs on.

Hosting Provider

Digital Ocean is the hosting provider that owns the land where the venture is currently living. Digital Ocean provides a ‘net block’ that runs a ‘linux’ operating system with a ‘nginx’ web server which is where WordPress is installed. If you can’t install the venture on your own server to own the land where your Podcast Venture lives, continue renting from an existing provider for now.

Domain Registrar

Google Domains is where I ‘rent’ my domain name through yearly payments.

SSL Certificate

Let’s Encrypt is the company who issues the SSL certificate that secures the front and back end experience of the venture.


MySQL is the database where the content I created for the venture is stored.
PhpMyAdmin is the interface that helps you edit the database.

Content Management System (CMS)

WordPress 5.8.2 is the open-source technology that is modified for running the Podcast Venture autonomously.

Content Deliver Network (CDN)

jsDelivr is an open-source content delivery network (CDN). This is helpful when you complete a version of the venture that is ready to ship – a CDN stores media files in a way that improves the speed and functionality of the customer experience as they click through the venture.

Code Languages

The way you frame a house is similar to the way HTML creates the layout and structure for pages. Then you run electricity through the house similar to the way PHP creates the functions that are displayed within the HTML structure. Then you put up sheet rock and paint the walls similar to the way CSS makes the HTML/PHP look a certain way. Then you make the house into a home similar to the way you bring your whole self into the content you create through WordPress.

PHP is a language that comes out of the box with WordPress and is responsible for a portion of the functionality you interact with on the front-end.

“jQuery is a JavaScript library used to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML. jQuery is a fast, small, and feature-rich JavaScript library. It makes things like HTML document traversal and manipulation, event handling, animation…”

HTML is a language used for creating the infrastructure of the pages similar to the way you first build the framing of a house.

CSS is a language used for adding styles to the venture such as the colors, fonts, and effects.


Really Simple Syndication is a technology that automatically pings Spotify when there is a new episode or edits to existing episodes that need to be updated in the Spotify interface.


Google Fonts is an open-source library of fonts that can be used for most ventures.


Bootstrap is a framework that uses Javascript libraries to deliver interactive elements on the front-end such as the menu navigation attached to the “Acquire Venture” button.


Google Analytics is the open-source technology that tracks activities and behaviors of people interacting with the venture.

The intention of web analytics are to enable you with insights for making data-driven improvements to your digital assets. Rather than simply making adjustments to your content based on what comes to your mind at any given moment, you can make improvements that are small, incremental, and driven by the data that you are shown on a simple platform like Google Analytics.

Analytics provide you with an understanding of whether your assets are speaking clearly to the audience of which you intend to speak. Analytics can provide you with answers to questions like, “Are people visiting my platform? Are people converting on my platform? Where are people dropping off, or, leaving my platform?”

When you start sharing your venture with the public you can view your analytics to see where you need to make adjustments. For example, if you can see a spike in traffic, yet, none of the traffic is converting into subscribers or customers it likely means one of two things: (1) you are driving the wrong people to the right asset, or, (2) you are driving the right people to the wrong asset.


The intention of this section is to illustrate the assets included with the Podcast Venture.

User Experience Design

This includes the userflow and wireframes accessible as Figma design templates that you import into your own Figma account.

Visual Design

This includes Figma design templates for Instagram and Facebook.


This includes an 8-slide Figma design template which provides you with a series of questions that, when answered, provide you with a roadmap.


The words I wrote for the venture are already embedded in the assets listed above. Personalize the content as you move through the assets.

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